Monday, June 9, 2014

Fishing in the Backyard

With warmer weather the boys love playing outside.  They were playing lots of soccer but now that the vegetables and flowers have been planted we want to give them some other activities outside so they don't destroy the garden.

Last year we had gone to Niagara Falls in the winter and knew there would be times when we would be in the hotel since it was too cold to play outside.  So I picked up some toy fishing rods from Dollarama and had them "fish" in the tub.  It kept them occupied for a long time.

I thought this would be a great activity for outdoors and the best part is that the mess stays outside.  I picked up few more fishing rods since the old ones were broken. Each rod came with 3 fish.  I also got a big bucket.  I filled the bucket with water, dumped the fish in and pulled up 2 chairs.  They absolutely love this activity.  Since the rods are from Dollarama the quality is not very good.  A couple of hooks have already broken.  I originally was going to buy 2 buckets so they could each have their own but then I thought they need to learn to share and so far things have been working out well.

The boys were also lucky to go fishing the past weekend.  Hasan held a fish and even put a worm on the hook.  They caught Bass and Perch and can't wait to go fishing again.  Until then they will be "fishing" in the backyard!

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