Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Clothespin Airplane

When we moved into our home a few years ago, the previous owner left a bunch of clothespins.  I've never used them but thought they could come in handy for some crafts.  One day when my nephew was visiting, I had him and Hasan make some Clothespin Airplanes.  The ones above are made by Hasan and Bilal.  It was a very simple and quick craft to do.  Out of all the things my boys have made, they played with these airplanes the most.

Hasan insisted I take a picture of the planes like this.

What You Need:
Craft Sticks
Hot glue gun

How To:
Since this craft uses a hot glue gun, be sure to carefully supervise your children.  You could use regular white glue but it will take some time to dry.

The craft stick is the wing of the plane.  Using a hot glue gun, attach the craft stick to the clothespin.  Decorate the planes.  Hasan just wanted to write numbers on them with a marker.

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