Friday, July 20, 2012

Tissue Paper Flowers

It's been a long time since I posted anything on this blog.  I've had a few posts to do but just never got around to doing them.  I had Hasan make these flowers for my mom on Mother's Day.  I had taken Bilal to the library one day and they had a program going on.  One of the crafts they were making were these flowers.  It was hard to get Bilal interested in it but I knew it was something perfect for Hasan to make.  They are very simple to make.

I had some tissue paper streamers and I had Hasan cut out squares out of that.  I gave him a pipe cleaner and had him push the pipe cleaner through the centre of the tissue.  He repeated this with a few more squares and the last one he used a piece of yellow tissue.  I twisted the small bit of pipe cleaner popping through the top into a circle to make a "bud".  Then I had him squeeze it in his hand.

So that made it a flower type shape.  The "stem" seemed too long so Hasan folded it in half and twisted it.

He made four flowers of different colours.  Then at the end he twisted all the stems together to make a bouquet.  His Nani loved the flowers!

Materials Needed:
Small squares of tissue paper of various colours
Pipe cleaners for the stem (one per flower)

How To:
Cut out small squares of tissue paper using scissors.  Push pipe cleaner through center of one square of tissue.  Do this several times.  End with a yellow piece of tissue.  Twist the small piece of pipe cleaner poking out the top into a bud.

Gather the tissue paper together and squeeze in fist.  When you open your hand you can spread the "petals" out a bit.  Fold the pipe cleaner/stem in half and twist.  Repeat for however many flowers you would like.

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