Friday, December 23, 2011

Craft Stick Fish

I saw this craft in Easy Fun Crafts with Everyday Items.  I have a bunch of craft sticks and it looked very simple.  In the book they used bigger sticks...mine were the size of Popsicle stick.  I didn't have enough of one colour so I mixed it up.  I let Hasan pick the colours.  We glued a couple of magnets on the back and Hasan gave it to his Nani (maternal grandmother).

Materials Needed:
10 craft sticks (less if you have bigger ones)
Googly eyes (we used 2 but since it is now up on a fridge we really only needed one)
2 strong magnets

How to:
Lay 4 craft sticks on a diagonal, parallel to each other.  Pick a fifth craft stick and put some glue along about half of it.  Lay it on top of the original 4 craft sticks so that it crosses all four (it is really more simple to just look at the picture above and copy it).  Continue with 3 more sticks, spacing evenly.  With the 2 remaining sticks, glue them on horizontally on both sides.  You will need to let it dry before applying the stick on the back.  In the meantime, glue on a googly eye on the front.

Once you fish is complete, glue the 2 magnets on the back and you are done!