Monday, August 20, 2012

Styrofoam Jellyfish

I saw this craft on Crafts by Amanda.  Hasan made the ones pictured above and although they don't look as good as the ones Amanda made, he had a lot of fun making them which is the goal of any activity we do.  In the original craft you are supposed to paint the styrofoam half which would look really good.  I didn't do that because then I would have the boys start the craft and then have to make them wait for the paint to dry before they could continue.  I wanted to complete this craft in one sitting.  I was also lazy to get the googly eyes so Hasan just drew them on with a marker.  Bilal had a hard time with this craft and in the end just played with the pipe cleaners.

When I cut the ball in half I was starting to regret doing this craft as I was seeing the mess the styrofoam was making.  It wasn't that bad.  Perhaps if we painted the styrofoam it would have cut down on the mess from the cut side.

Materials Needed:
Styrofoam ball cut in half
Pipe cleaners
Black marker or googly eyes

How To:
Paint each half of styrofoam ball (we skipped this step).  Allow to dry.  Wrap each pipe cleaner around a pencil to create a coil.  Once the paint has dried, push the coiled pipe cleaners in the cut side of the styrofoam.  Draw on eyes or glue googly eyes on.


  1. these are cute, and so easy too, great idea

    1. Thanks! I thought they looked a little creepy but my son had lots of fun making it :) They would look much better with some paint and googly eyes though.