Saturday, August 25, 2012

Scissors and Paper

I was very hesitant to put up this post.  It seemed like a very obvious activity to do with kids but sometimes the most obvious things don't always come to mind.  Also this blog is a record of the things my boys do as they grow up...and this is something they love to do.  When Hasan was around 2 years old I had him start to use scissors.  My cousin Sameena told me how her son loved to cut paper with scissors and it was great for developing motor skills.  So I started having Hasan cut up paper into small bits.  I got the scissors pictured above and was really disappointed.  They are made by Melissa and Doug and their products are usually very good quality.  Hasan always had trouble cutting with them.  And now Bilal (pictured above) also has a tough time although he claims that he is doing everything just fine.

Now that Hasan is older he has a small pair of metal scissors that work great for him and this time I gave him some scissors that cut in designs like scallop or zig zag.  He really enjoyed those although they were a little big for him.  This activity is great for using up paper that would end up in the recycling bin.  You could even use newspapers or flyers for this.  It would be a good idea to draw or print out a simpler picture or shape and have them cut that out.  I will be doing that with the boys next time we use the scissors.

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  1. sure..this develops the creativity skill among kids..
    Tasty Appetite