Friday, July 4, 2014

Bedsheet Fort

Summer vacation has started which means the boys need things to keep themselves busy.  The Wii has been shut off so I keep hearing "I'm bored".  I think kids need to learn to deal with boredom and to find ways to entertain themselves.  But sometimes they also need a little help in doing something with their imagination.

So I told them that we were going to build a fort.  In the winter, we had dug out a fort together and they loved it.  For our indoor fort, I gathered 4 dining chairs and draped a white bedsheet over top.  The bedsheet is one that belonged to my parents.  Just smelling it reminds me of my parents' apartment....soooo comforting.

While I was putting the fort together, they left the room because they wanted it to be surprise.  Originally I had put a blanket over top, but it didn't cover both sides.  They also wanted to do shadow puppets.  So I brought down a white bedsheet.  Hasan used some rocks and his medals and trophies to hold the bedsheet down.

Building and playing in forts is something we've all done in our childhood.  When I was growing up, sometimes we would sleep in the living room if it was really hot.  We would bring our mattresses in the living room and my father would put the fans all around.  Other times, it was when we had cousins sleeping over.  It was always so exciting when we would sleep like this.  Sometimes we would end up making forts by standing the mattresses up on their side...lots of fun!

This fort was a great simple way to keep the boys busy and to get them to use their imaginations!

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