Friday, January 10, 2014

Paper Bag Tree

Today Bilal made this Paper Bag Tree.  I found this on Pikadilly Charm.  It looked very simple to make.  Bilal loved twisting the brown paper bag to make the branches.  When he was done he wanted to add some red leaves to his tree.

We cut bits of red tissue paper and used a glue stick to stick them on. He wasn't very happy about getting glue on his hands and was constantly asking to wash his hands.  Bilal was very proud of his tree and we have it displayed on our TV.

Materials Needed:
Brown Paper Bag
Tissue paper for leaves
Pencil if you need to draw lines to guide your little one in cutting the lines.

How To:
Draw lines half way up the brown paper bag starting at the opening.  Make lines about 1/2 inch apart.

Cut along lines.

Sit bag upright and grab by what will be the trunk and twist to make the tree trunk.

Twist each strip to make your branches.

If adding leaves, use glue stick or white glue to attach leaves.

For more visual directions head over to Pikadilly Charm.

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