Saturday, December 28, 2013

Q-Tip Apple Tree

It has been a long time since I posted something on this much neglected blog.  Now that the winter holidays are here I need to keep the boys busy so I'm trying to get them to do some more arts and crafts.

I had pinned this activity a long time ago from The Project Bus and thought the boys would really enjoy it.  Sometimes I find Bilal has some trouble handling a paintbrush so the thought of having him dip a Q-Tip in paint and stamping seemed like it would suit him.  This picture above is done by Bilal.  Hasan was not interested in painting at the time.  Of course you could really do any picture you want.  I'm thinking next time I'll get them to paint a boat with the Q-Tips.  In this picture I had Bilal dip a cotton ball in brown paint to make the trunk.  I found the cotton ball would stick to the paper which made it difficult to use. Next time I would just get him to use Q-Tips for the whole picture.

Materials Needed:
Construction Paper
Cotton Ball

How To:
Depending on the age of your child, you may want to draw the picture on the paper.  I drew a simple tree and a circle for the sun.

Dip the cotton ball in brown paint and colour in the tree trunk.  (I didn't like how the cotton ball stuck to the paper so next time we'll do this step with Q-Tips).

Dip the Q-Tip in green paint and colour in the leaves.  You can also paint on some grass like we did above.  Use this method to add some red apples to your tree and to colour in the sun!

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