Thursday, November 22, 2012

Oil Pastel Butterfly

I bought Hasan some oil pastels a while ago and I've been lost on what to get him to do with them.  I'm surprised that I even bought them because oil pastels were my least favorite thing to do in school...they were so messy.  But now I have them so I should use them.  After some googling I came across this idea on

You draw a butterfly and then colour it with oil pastels.  Then using a mixture of paint and water you paint over the butterfly and the paint shouldn't adhere to the oil pastels.  I think I should have watered the paint down more because it did stick to the pastels.  It looked more like a butterfly underwater....then I thought maybe we should have made a fish instead.  Hasan decided he wanted to cut the butterfly out but that wasn't part of the original activity.

Materials Needed:
Construction paper
Oil Pastels

How To:
Draw a butterfly on the construction paper with a pencil.  Colour in with oil pastels.  Mix the paint and water.  Brush the picture with the paint/water mixture.  Allow to dry.

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