Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Picture for Spring

With spring here this is a great picture to make with your little one.  I had Hasan make this picture but it was nowhere near spring when we made it.  We used the method from the Cotton Ball Snowman to make the clouds.  To make the petals on the flowers we used the method from the Scrunched Tissue Paper Flowers.  Hasan used a dot marker to colour in the grass but you can use crayons or paint.  I drew the picture with a pencil and had Hasan do the rest!

Materials Needed:
Blue Construction Paper
Cotton Balls
Tissue Paper (I cut small squares from some streamers)
3 Green Craft Sticks
Dot Markers
Paint Brush for spreading the glue around

How To:
Draw the outline of the picture.

Colour in the grass using dot markers (or anything else you would prefer to use).  Glue on the craft sticks for the stems.  Next scrunch up the tissue paper and glue them on the flower.  I had Hasan brush some glue on and then scrunch up the tissue paper and put them on.

Spread glue where the clouds are (Hasan used a paint brush to do this).  Stretch out the cotton balls and put on top of the glue.

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