Friday, October 21, 2011

Pom Pom Gumball Machine

Welcome to my blog!  I am always trying to find things to keep my boys (Hasan, age 4 & Bilal, 20 months) busy.  I have a hard time thinking of things for them to do...well mostly things for Hasan to do.  He loves arts and crafts and I feel bad that I am not very creative.  Sometimes I get lazy and don't give them enough things to do.  I know a lot of other mom's have the same problem so I thought I would share the things we do at home and to give me some more motivation to do more activities with the kids.  This picture wasn't taken with any intention of posting on a blog which explains why it's not very good.


This is a gumball machine that I had Hasan make. It's very simple and he loved it.  We made this a while ago and he wasn't very good with scissors at the time so I had cut the piece out for him.   Next time I will get him to do it.  He glued the pieces on.  On the circle we put glue and he used a paint brush to spread the glue.  Then he filled the area up with pom poms.

Materials Needed:
Construction paper
Pom Poms
Paint brush

How to:
Cut a large rectangle (gumball body), small rectangle (gumball machine knob) and a circle (where the gumballs will be glued) from construction paper.

Glue these pieces onto a piece of construction paper.  Put some glue on the circle and using a paint brush spread around.

Put pom poms on the glue that was just spread around.

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