Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ramadan Lapbook

Left lapbook is Bilal's, Right Lapbook is Hasan's

A little while ago, Bilal made a Fireman Lapbook that he really enjoyed.  Hasan was in school at the time and also showed interest in making lapbooks so I told him once summer started we would work on some.  Since it was Ramadan when the summer began I thought it would be a great idea to make a Ramadan Lapbook.  I found all the printables for making the Ramadan Lapbook over at Umm Abdul Basir's Sharing Our Homeschool Adventure.

Hasan is not into colouring at all so I was very impressed by how well he coloured.  It took us about 3 days to complete the lapbook.  I found that Bilal was not concentrating as much as he usually does.  He was occupied with being the first one to finish.  So he wasn't cutting in straight lines and his colouring consisted of scribbling while looking at Hasan.

Inside of Hasan's Lapbook

Inside of Bilal's Lapbook

With this lapbook we learned about the different phases of the moon, different ways to give Zakaat, good deeds we can do, 3 Hadith about dates and what to do on Eid.  I found some of the material to be too advanced for Bilal but it was good for Hasan.  One thing Bilal keeps talking about is the crescent moon.  Specifically when he eats a cucumber, he will have bitten it into a crescent shape and ask me "Is this the crescent moon you are looking for?".  Hasan found it interesting learning about the different phases of the moon.



This was a good project for Ramadan.  Although Hasan was disappointed that it wasn't "fun".  He wanted something with more games.  But he definitely did come away from this having learned more about Ramadan.  Insha'Allah we'll take a look at this lapbook next Ramadan again!

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