Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Button Tree

Bilal's is on the left, Hasan's on the right.

While we were clearing out my parents place in March I came across my mom's tin box full of buttons...I knew they would be great for some crafts for the boys.  

I googled around and saw this Button Tree over at Crafts by Amanda.  I LOVE Amanda's site...she has the cutest crafts!  Amanda painted the tree trunk and branches.  I googled around and found this template which I printed on regular paper and then glued it on construction paper to make it more sturdy.  I gave the boys glue and they picked up buttons and glued away.  Hasan and Bilal really enjoyed this craft...it was one of the many things we did back in March Break.  This is actually still on our fridge :)  The buttons that are not on the branches are supposed to be leaves falling (Hasan's idea!).

Materials Needed:
You can use this template for the trunk or draw your own

How To:
If using the template, print out.  If you want to make it more sturdy glue onto a piece of construction paper.  Otherwise, draw the trunk and branches.  Glue on the buttons to represent the leaves using white glue.

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