Sunday, September 16, 2012

Creepy Crawlers

When we started this craft we were supposed to be making these ladybugs but I didn't exactly remember how they were after we started the project.  So this is what we ended up.  Bilal made the three on the left and Hasan's are on the right.  Bilal loved dipping his brush in different colours and making each one very colourful.  Hasan stuck to one colour for each one.  They both needed some help sticking the pipe cleaner in for the antennas.  After they were all done Bilal loved scratching the googly eyes off and pulling out the pipe cleaners.  Hasan's are still intact and sitting on the TV with his butterfly and octopus.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Colouring on Corrugated Cardboard

Bilal's on the left, Hasan's on the right.

Before Bilal was born I used to take Hasan to the Ontario Early Years Centre.  We would go to a session called Messy Play which when I first read that title I thought this was not for Hasan.  Hasan hates getting soon as something gets on his hands he has to clean it...finger painting was never his thing.   But everything wasn't "messy" and he really enjoyed the time he spent there.  Once when we were there they had corrugated cardboard laid out on a table.  The activity was to dip a toy car in paint and run it back and forth on the corrugated cardboard to make tracks.  Since I was having both the boys do this I had them use oil pastels.